Congrats to the Winners of Our 1st Annual Summer Giveaway!

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Greetings pen and paper lovers!

Back again with another update. I announced the winners on my first live stream on Instagram on July 5th. I originally planned to do it on my YouTube channel, but apparently it takes 24 hours to be approved for live streams on their platform, which I didn't know about (go figure). But I had fun streaming on IG, talking about several of the pen and stationery prizes I gave away. I may just continue on IG doing live streams on a period basis, although I really want to grow my audience on YouTube. We'll see how it goes between now and the next contest in October. We'll get to that in a minute, but without further ado, here's the lucky winners of the contest! *drum roll*


Diana B. - Rhodia Notebook and Journal Set


Lorraine B. - Knock Knock "Fill in the Love" "Why You're So Awesome" and "Why You're My Bestie" Book Set


Rose F. - Schneider and J. Herbin Fountain Pen and Ink Cartridge Set


Wendy L. - Knock Knock "Fill in the Love" "What I Love About You and Me" and "What I Love About Us" Book Set


Terri M. - Ars Antigua by The Drexler Collection "The Word" Notebook Set


Hannah W. - Schneider Ballpoint and Rollerball Pen Set


Treena Y. - Knock Knock "Fill in the Love" Family 4 Pack Book Set


I'm very happy for you all and will send out your prizes in the next couple of weeks. If you didn't win this time, you have another chance during our 1st Annual Fall Giveaway, which will coincide with our Back to School Sale that will take place from August 1st-September 5th!

This drawing is open to everyone this time, not just existing customers who have already bought from us. If you're subscribed to our monthly digital magazine, you're already entered into the drawing. If you're not yet, please email us at and we'll get you added to our database to receive our digital magazine called American Lifestyle. It's more than just a plain, old, boring, ordinary email. We provide that as a gift to you with our friends at Reminder Media who craft a beautiful, eye-catching collection of articles with food and cocktail recipes, DIY and home improvement tips, money saving tips, fun events that take place all over the country, seasonal content, and much more! Plus you get a personalized greeting letter and video from Yours Truly. We just relaunched the magazine in May for Mother's Day and have gotten positive feedback from our customers who enjoyed reading it. To catch up on previous issues you may have missed, please click on the cover images below to view.


July 2022 Issue 


June 2022 Issue 


May 2022 Issue 


You can still continue to leave reviews here on the website, on my Facebook page, or go above and beyond to shoot a video review of what you've purchased just like the last giveaway. That way you have even more chances to win! A new video explaining the Annual Fall Giveaway (just in time for Halloween!) will be posted soon.



Thanks for your continued support! And again, to our winners, enjoy your new pen and paper goodies!

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