Grab Your Girlfriends for Galentine’s Day Fun

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What began in the fictional land of television comedy (thank you, Parks and Recreation), has now become an increasingly celebrated event the day before Valentine’s Day—dubbed Galentine’s Day.

For those who choose to forgo the giant, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and candlelit dinners with a significant other, there is still a way to celebrate your love (if only between you and your BFFs).

Here are some ideas for the ultimate Galentine’s Day with your girls!

Parks and Rec-athon
If you and your friends are fans, what better way to commemorate a day founded by Leslie Knope than with a marathon of the show? Obviously, you won’t be able to binge all seven seasons in one night (sounds like a challenge!) but be sure to, at the very least, play the famous Galentine’s Day episode from season 2. Bonus points if you make a plate of waffles for every guest.

Prosecco and picnic party
There’s hardly anything better than Prosecco—except for maybe Prosecco at a picnic. If you live somewhere that February isn’t frighteningly cold, feel free to take your picnic party outdoors. If not, there’s nothing wrong with spreading a blanket by a cozy fire inside, just don’t forget the snacks!

Song and dance soiree
Any excuse to belt out your favorite songs with your BFFs by your side is welcome, and that’s why a sing-off or dance contest (or both) makes for the perfect Galentine’s Day event. Don’t have a karaoke machine? No problem—just print out the lyrics to some of your favorite sing-along songs beforehand. Pro tip: wine is greatly encouraged.

PJ potluck
Even if you and your friends aren’t the best chefs in the world, it’s always fun to prepare a special meal or baked good to bring along to the party. Encourage your guests to come in their snazziest set of pajamas, too, and settle in for a cozy and low-key evening.

Epic adventure
Is there a special trip you’ve always wanted to take with your girlfriends but never got around to? Make this special day an excuse to finally make it happen—be it a beach vacay or an adventurous hiking trip out West. There’s no better time than the present!

Don’t have a date lined up for Valentine’s Day this year? Try out one of these Galentine’s Day party ideas—you just might find yourself celebrating again next year!

Suggested Item: Our Wine Journal by Knock Knock if you plan to enjoy and preserve the memories of other kinds of wine at your Galentine's Day celebration with your BFFs! 

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