Throwback Thursday - Vegas Pens Does the "Harlem Shake" at First Friday 2013

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Hello friends! 

I found this video in the vault and wanted to share it with you this Thanksgiving. My friend Shane Allen from CarmelloVision shot and edited a "Harlem Shake" video (he makes a cameo appearance in the beginning as the young man on his phone at the bus stop), which was the hot viral trend in late 2012/early 2013 when I was running my business the first time. We went to First Friday, a monthly arts festival here in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas's Arts District. We went around with our camera asking anyone with a funky costume or dancing skills to be a part of it. They were more than happy to participate and shake their butts on camera, as you can see. I had a blast shaking mine along with them! It was a fun and different way to promote my business.

Have fun looking back on this fun viral trend from back in the day! Thanks to everyone who participated and made it happen! :-)



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