Welcome Back to Vegas Fine Pens and Gifts!

Greetings pen and paper lovers!

After five years, I'm glad to revive my online store Vegas Fine Pens and Gifts for you all. Even though I've been on hiatus all this time with other projects, I have never lost my love of a good pen and a journal to write down my thoughts. Even though I don't look it, I remember the analog days of my childhood and adolescence when I wrote notes in class, kept a diary, wrote letters to pen pals, kept important addresses and phone numbers in an address book, and wrote greeting cards to friends and family (in cursive!). As email and eventually social media replaced "snail mail", writing by hand seemed like a dying art.

Just because we live in a digital world now doesn't mean that writing isn't still important! There's still many of us out there who appreciate the value of a personal, heartfelt, handwritten note or card. We still write down important things we need to remember because, let's face it, technology can fail. If you write it down, you can find it more easily. We also write just because it feels good to see your thoughts down on paper that you can't wait to get out of your brain. After thousands of years that humanity has existed on this planet, writing is the constant thing that unites us all, no matter what language we speak or whatever part of the world we call home.

I was asked to do an exercise in one of my Facebook groups to talk a little bit about my business, what inspired me to create it, and what I can offer to my customers that will benefit them. Please take a moment to watch the YouTube video I made. Like, share, and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified about when I release new videos. In the future I will post product reviews and sneak peeks of new products on TikTok and YouTube. Although the amount of current inventory I have to offer at the moment is small, my goal is to bring more awesome products in the weeks and months to come.

Again, I'm glad to re-open my business and hopefully you find something fun and cool to take home with you. When I planned the layout of my store, I chose products that I felt I would buy myself if I wasn't the owner of my business. I wanted to bring a sense of playfulness and humor to my website and I hope that shows through.

I am so grateful to you for your patronage because without it, my dream wouldn't have come true. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Thanks for stopping by and for shopping with us!


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