5 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Entire Weekend

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Sometimes there are too many things to get done within the workweek that weekends can be spent playing catch up. Weekends should be spent relaxing from the stress of the week and spending time with family and friends. Make more time for your weekends by introducing chores and tasks into your weekday schedules.


Listing tasks

Start by writing a list of the chores you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If this seems overwhelming, try carrying a notepad or making a list on your phone as you go through a normal day or week.


Scheduling time

Once you have your list of chores, how much free time do you have on a daily basis? Write out your schedule for the week. This does not have to be your final schedule, but is more of an exercise to evaluate how much time is spent on daily tasks and the time that is available between them. How many extra minutes do you have before work? How long does it take to clean the bathroom?


Planning puzzle

Now that you know the amount of time available each day and have a list of the chores you do currently on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, look at this like a puzzle. Where does every piece fit best into your schedule? The goal is to get most of your weekly chores scheduled into your daily tasks list. It may be a smooth transition, like folding laundry while dinner is in the oven. Keep in mind your best work environment, what time you do your best work, and your location when scheduling a chore.


Practice, adjust, and revamp

You may not have the perfect routine from the beginning, and that’s normal. It takes time to figure out what works best for you, and changes will come your way that may cause you to start again. Look at these changes as an opportunity to make your schedule work even better for you!


List daily tasks, and refine a routine 

The key ingredients to finding enough time to get everything done are listing, scheduling, and planning your time efficiently. Writing down what you need to get done in a week makes it tangible and manageable. When you have your time and tasks side by side, it will become easy to create a plan for getting everything done.




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