Our 1st Anniversary - Pen and Stationery Prize Giveaway!

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Happy Holidays to you all! We hope you've been enjoying the season with your loved ones.

On November 1st we celebrated our first anniversary in business and we are so grateful for the support from our valued customers over the past year.

To extend our gratitude, we're doing a giveaway for a Rhodia Stationery Set, Schneider Ballpoint and Rollerball Set, Schneider and Herbin Fountain Pen and Ink Cartridges Set, Knock Knock "Fill in the Love" Books 4 Pack (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa), 2 pack (Awesome, Bestie), 2 Pack (What I Love About You and Me, About Us), Ars Antigua "The Word" Series Notebook 4 Pack (Love, Sex, Money, Friends). If you have purchased from us in the past year or plan to make a purchase, please leave a product review on our website, review us on our Facebook page, or go above and beyond and send us a video review that we can share on our social media. You can receive up to 35 tickets into the drawing. And if you don't have Facebook, not to worry, you can still enter and receive 5 tickets each for every product you purchased plus the 20 if you plan to do a video review.

The deadline has been extended till 3/17/22. We hope you have been enjoying your pen and paper goodies and we are happy to serve you again this holiday season and beyond! 🥰🙏📃🖋💌


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